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Burstable T1 Internet access for $150.00 per month!

What do I get?

- A full clear-channel T1 to the Internet, burstable to a full 1.5Mbs.

- Customers requiring email services, dns services and web hosting in addition to raw bandwidth should consider Msen's Complete Business Solution including T1 access.

What will I actually pay?

- Monthly billing is based on sustained usage level as determined by traffic samples taken every five minutes, seven days per week. Monthly charge is based on the usage level under which 95% of samples fall. Msen disregards the top 5% of samples and bills you just $1.75 per Kilobit (1,000 bits per second) with a low $150.00 (yes, one hundred and fifty dollars) minimum bandwidth charge.

- Your highest utilized 5% (33-37 hours) of Internet access is FREE every month!

- While your actual charges will be based upon usage, Msen has some examples of real customer usage and associated charges.

- One time Setup fee, 33% OFF DURING JUNE & JULY, INQUIRE NOW!

What equipment do I need?

- The customer will require a router, CSU/DSU and associated cabling. Msen offers this, configured to work with our network and installed at the customer site for a one-time fee of $1,800.00 (an extra service fee applies for on-site installation if Customer is located more than 30 minutes from Troy Michigan).

- From time to time, Msen has off-lease T1 equipment available at significantly reduced rates.

How can Msen afford to do this?

- We have brokered wholesale pricing on connectivity from Tier 1 backbone providers in anticipation of high customer response.

- By having customers remain prepaid by one month during the term of the contract, we reduce our expenses for billing and collections.

- Requiring payment by check eliminates credit card processing fees.

- Having term commitments means that we can count on a recurring revenue stream for the entire contract length.

What about Telecom charges? Aren't T1 lines expensive?

- Msen can deliver T1 lines to most locations served by Ameritech in the 248, 313, 734, 586, 810 area code region for telecom charges of just $325 per month. Other areas are only slightly higher. Including telecom the total recurring Monthly fees for a T1 connection to the Internet is ONLY $475.

- Contact Msen for an exact quote on telecom charges.

What if I need more bandwidth than a single T1 can deliver?
Contact Msen. We can provide additional bandwidth at comparable rates.

Sounds great. How do I get connected?
Contact Msen to get your order started. Typical installs take 4-6 weeks to arrange for telecom.

Terms and Conditions

- Service carries a $150.00 minimum monthly bandwidth charge.

- Telecom charges are additional to bandwidth charges.

- Telecom will be provisioned and billed by Msen, not to exceed Ameritech DS1 pricing from Troy or Southfield, Michigan.

- First and last month's bandwidth and estimated telecom to be prepaid, by check, with order.

- Minimum service term is 24 months.

- All accounts to be paid by check and must be kept current during the term of the contract.

- Applicable taxes are additional to prices quoted above.

- Available to end users only, sorry no Internet Service Providers.

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