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Business Dialup
Customers whose needs exceed the capabilities of an MsenPersonal Dialupaccount will be better served by a Business Dialup account. These accountshave a number of features specifically designed for business use.
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Business Dialup starts at $30.00 per month and includes:

- Separate RAS servers and telephone numbers to prevent busy signalsunder normal circumstances.

- Post service billing, net 30 terms and monthly invoices via email or US mail, at customer's option.

- No limits on online session time, single calls may last several weeks.

- One or more optional static IP addresses.This option is almost always selected and permits:

* Telecommuters secure access through corporate firewalls.

* VPN service to be offered to remote users.

* Internet services (mail, web, ftp) to be offered to the public.

- 75 hours of base IP access with an unlimited time option.

- 10 MB POP3 email box.

- These accounts may have uucp(unix-to-unix copy)access added. This protocolis designed for systems that are connected only briefly to a network due to costconsiderations. Customers interested in using uucpshould contact Msen for details about this option.

Business Dialup Options
Business Dialup account with 75 hours of IP access
Business Dialup account with 150 hours of IP access
Business Dialup account with 225 hours of IP access
Business Dialup account with unmetered IP access
56/64K (one channel) ISDN access
112/128K (two channel) ISDN access

- Customers requiring email services, dns services and web hosting in addition to ISDN bandwidth should consider Msen's Complete Business Solution including ISDN access.

Business Shell Access

Business Shell starts out at just $20.00 per month and includes:

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