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Msen understands that your business needs to function at optimum levels to remain competitive. We can assist you in meeting this goal through advanced computer solutions. Even the most sophisticated networks cannot function reliably unless properly planned, designed and maintained.As each network is unique, Msen provides solutions tailored to fit specific customer needs. Msen offers a wide array of consulting services to help you achieve your objectives, here are a fewexamples:

- Router management and administration -As needs change, Msen can administer and update routers and firewallsinstalled at customer locations.

- Firewall implementation and administration -Msen can design either a router or hardware based firewall solutionto help protect your resources from Internet attacks. Customerswho know their firewall needs can have them quickly installed.Customers who are uncertain about firewall requirements can haveMsen examine their desired incoming traffic and outgoing serviceofferings and recommend a firewall to fit those needs.

- VPN design and administration -Msen can design a cost-effective VPN solution for companiesallowing them to provide secure remote access to corporate resourcesusing the cost effectiveness of the Internet. Additional remote users may be added over time at nominal cost.

- Server design and integration -Msen can specify and supply servers to be located at Msen or onsiteat customers location:

* Msen has preferred vendors who build industrial quality, rack mount servers to be co-located in our racks. We customize the operating system and hardware to meet customer's needs.

* We can supply a configured email server, located at customer site, to be teamed with our Complete Business Solution to meet the email needs of your office.

- Network & system monitoring -Msen monitors dedicated customer connections for connectivity and bandwidth availability, as well as monitoring resource availability on Msen servers. We cando the same for customers, providing monitoring and logging of network or systemresources and availability. For customers with significant monitoring requirements, Msen cansupply and maintain a configured server, located onsite at customer, which provides both real time and historical trend information about resources and availability with alerts for critical problems via email or pager.

- System management -Customers who have a Unix server co-located at Msen or onsite may find thatsome, or all, of the system administration tasks exceed theirabilities or available resources. Msen can handle patches, security fixes,system monitoring, backups, user administration, software upgrades and otherregular system administration tasks.

- System design and integration -Msen has preferred vendors who build industrial quality, rack mount serversto be co-located in our racks. We customize the operating system and hardware to meet individual customer needs.Once installed, Msen can do some or all required system maintenance.

- Remote and local backups -File and directory backup is a critical requirement that often getsoverlooked. Msen can either do regular backups of customer filesto our network or supply an onsite backup server to do this chore.We can also supply this service to customers who co-locate a server at Msen.

- Web design and cgi scripting -Msen can design custom web forms or database applications to improve your web site.

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