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      Due to recent instabilities in the DSL marketplace, Msen has suspendedDSL service. The information below is for reference only

DSL technology

DSL (digital subscriber line) is a technology that uses standardcopper telephone lines with a local loop network that is digitalin nature. There are several types of DSL available:
Generic form of DSL meaning the x can represent the A, S, I, etc.
Synchronous DSL, the upload and download speed capacities are the same. This is the type of DSL offered by Msen.
Asynchronous DSL, the upload and download speed capacities are different with the download capacity (web-browsing speed) being faster than the upload capacity (sending email speed). This is the least expensive form of DSL and is generally sold as residential service.
ISDN DSL which uses ISDN transmission technology to deliver data at 144 Kbps in an ISDL modem bank connected to a router. Used when a business is too far away for SDSL.
Since a DSL connection requires a DSL-ready Central Office in your telecom provider's facilities, DSL is not available in all geographical areas and available top speeds vary. Email Ron to find out the availability to your site.
The speed of the local loop to the customer imposes a maximum limit on how fast the connection can possibly go. This is knowns as the Burst Information Rate (BIR). A customer connection will never be faster than the BIR, although it can be slower. The maximal speed available on this loop is determined by current DSL technology and is limited by distance from the central office.
The Commited Information Rate (CIR) is the minimum amount of bandwidth reserved for the customer's use from Msen to the Internet. A customer connection should not run slower than the CIR but it can be faster, if extra bandwidth is available.

Business sDSL services

DSL is typically oversold by Internet Service Providers, much like Frame Relay. Many ISPs do not permit the customer to choose their level of service, simply giving the customer whatever is availableand claiming that they are providing a specified level of service. Msen takes a different tactic, we let the customerchoose how much of the bandwidth they always want available. We provide 2 levels of commitment:
50% CIR
Good balance between cost and quality. Targetted at organizations that primarily do web surfing and file transfers. Not recommended to provide services.
100% CIR
Highest class of service. Targetted at organizations who want to replace a leased line of similar capacity or provide web services.

All Msen DSL lines are provisioned by default with 8 IP addresses, of which 5 are usableby customer equipment. Additional IP addresses are available.

Hardware ranges from $750.00 to $1000.00 depending upon customer requirements.

Residential ADSL services

Msen is not offering residential ADSL service at this time.
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