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Michigan ISP, Michigan Dial up, 56K & ISDN Dialup with Local Michigan Access

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 Dialup (56K / analog) access

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MsenLite provides personal Internet access starting at $14.50 per month with No busy signals

Simple and reliable personal Internet access is what brought the Internet home. After all, what good is your Internet connection if you can not get connected when you need it?

MsenLite is designed to meet customer needs:

- Msen uses multiple telephone companies with mostly overlapping coverage. Should there be a problem with one, most customers can simply change telephone numbers to get online.

- Msen has plenty of dialin ports. When we start getting near capacity, we install more ports.

- Msen has enough bandwidth - both to the Internet and internally, to insure quick response to you.

Rate PlansMonthly Fee
6 months *$16.50
12 months *$14.50

ISDN (digital) access


Customers that need faster speeds than 56K can get the same features with single channel ISDN access for $25.00 per month or with dual channel ISDN access for $45.00 per month. While a dialup modem will typically have a 120 ms ping time to reach Msen, ISDN ping times are typically 28-32 ms.

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64K Single Channel

Rate PlansMonthly Fee
6 months *$27.50
12 months *$25.00

128K Dual Channel

Rate PlansMonthly Fee
6 months *$47.50
12 months *$45.00

Common Features

- Internet access without hourly charges.

- 5 MB of disk space for web pages referenced as

- 5 MB of disk space for mail. Additional POP3 Email boxes are available.

- Unrestricted access to one of Msen's Usenet news servers with over 37,500 news groups.
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Refer your friends to Msen! If both parties pay their fees promptly, you receive a credit equal to the lesser monthly service fee after three months.


- Personal Dialup accounts carry a one-time setup fee of $22.50.

- One Channel ISDN access accounts carry a one-time setup fee of $40.00.

- Two Channel ISDN access accounts carry a one-time setup fee of $45.00.

- 6 and 12 month rate plans must be pre-paid via check.

- Service for partial periods is not pro-rated.

- MsenLite has no shell level server access. Web pages should be upgraded using the FTP protocol.

Commercial use
MsenLite may be used to serve basic Internet access requirements for business use. However, many of our commercial customers require additional account features which are not available on our personal accounts:

- Static IP addresses, UUCP and shell accounts are not available with MsenLite.

- MsenLite account holders are not sent any invoices (either electronic or paper).

- Payment for monthly service must be via check or credit card in advance prior to the first of the month.

- An unpaid balance, for any reason, causes the account to be disabled and a re-activation fee may apply. After one month of non-payment the account is deleted.

If you require any of these features, consider Msen's Business Solutions.
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