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Msen's highly skilled technical staff can solve most network performance issues. While basic support for typical installation issues is included at no charge as part of standard account service, customers who require additional assistance are charged reasonable consulting fees.

All MsenLite accounts are provided with 24x7 technical support for one year from the date of account creation. Customers who have dedicated services (ISDN, T1 and T3) are provided with a 24x7 phone number which will always reach a human or a pager.

Before contacting our technical support team regarding standard support, please review our online frequently asked questions (FAQ) as most support requests are answered there.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

- I can't connect at 56K

- I keep getting disconnected

- My Browser Reports a GPF

- My Password is Being Rejected When I Try to Log On

- Configuring Outlook Express 5.0

I can't connect at 56K

- The very first thing to check is whether or not you have installed the most recent drivers for your modem. Consult your modem hardware manufacturer for more information: most of them have web sites with modem firmware available for download. Remember that the reported initial connection speeds aren't necessarily dependable or comparable. The reason is that most modems speed up and down after the initial connection in a way that is dependent on the connection as well as the equipment at each end. Some modems connect at a more conservative speed and then upshift as conditions allow while other modems connect at a more aggressive speed and then downshift.

- Check to see if you have your modem connected to the phone line through a surge suppressor. If so compare the initial connection with and without the surge suppressor. Many surge suppressors interfere with modem communications.

- You may also be able to test for premises problems. Premises problems are caused by faulty wiring or equipment (like a faulty telephone or fax machine) between the telecom termination block and your computer equipment. You can check for this by disconnecting all your premise wiring and equipment from the telecom terminating block and hooking your modem directly into the termination block. If your connection is better, you have a premises problem that you may be able to isolate and fix. Premises problems are a frequent cause of 28800 connection problems.

- If your equipment is not an issue, telecom may be the limiting factor. Your telephone line is within acceptable parameters if you can talk on the line with a bandwidth of 300 to 3000 HZ. If you have this 300 to 3000 HZ, you have enough bandwidth for a 21600 BPS connection with your modem. Connection rates higher than this means that your telecom company is providing you with quality above and beyond their responsibility.

- You can contact your telecom company to improve the service beyond normal specifications, though the answer will probably be "No". A way to request a change in your telecom line is to listen carefully for any hisses, hums or pops on your telephone line and, if you hear any one of them, report the line problem to your telecom company. This problem request must be stated as a problem with using the line for voice, with no mention that the telephone line is sometimes used with a modem.

I keep getting disconnected

Many disconnection problems can be cleared up by adjusting configuration options, updating software or drivers.

- Modem Speed Most modem speeds come with a setting higher than your phone line will allow you to connect at. Therefore, your modem keeps redialing to get the highest possible speed. Try setting your "maximum connect speed" to 57,600 instead of 115,200. If that doesn't help, bring it down to 38,400 and see if the disconnections go away. You'll find this setting under the modem properties in the control panel. Ameritech can allow phone lines to not go faster than 28.8 speed. Keep in mind that standard telephone lines were designed for voice, not data transmissions. Modem connections of V.90 push the physical limitations of any voice-grade lime. Connection problems are sometimes due to conditions on the telephone networks.

- Time Outs MsenLite users are timed-out after eight hours. Dial-up Networking often has a system time out automatically set after 20 minutes. You can change that.

- Call Waiting If you have call waiting and a call comes in while you are online, the "beep" may cause your modem to disconnect. To prevent this from happening, disable call waiting by inserting *70, before the number being dialed (i.e. the phone number to dial would be *70,426-8100).

- Software Conflict If another program tries to use the modem without checking to see if it's already in use, you may be disconnected. Disable all programs that may use your modem, such as terminal or fax software.

- Windows Settings You may need to "turn down" the FIFO buffer setting in Win95, Win98 or Win2K to prevent disconnections. Do this in modem properties in the control panel. Select the connection tab, and click "port settings". Set both buffers to the lowest possible setting. You may need to disable WINS resolution. Select TCP/IP under network properties in the control panel and push the properties button. Select in WINS configuration tab. Make sure "Disabled" is selected.

- Momentary Loss of DTR or Carrier

- Win modems - Win modems are one of the least expensive modems available and are frequently supplied with new computer systems for that reason. Unfortunately, they are also a major cause of line disconnection as they rely on the system CPU for processing. If the machine is busy doing something else, it may drop your modem connection. Attach another type of modem to your computer and if the problem no longer exists, remove the Win modem from your computer and replace it.

- Noisy Line If there is too much noise on your phone line, you may be disconnected. If you suspect this may be a problem, contact your phone company and have them test the line for noise.

- Other equipment on the Line Sometimes other telephone equipment in your house can cause a modem to disconnect, even if they are not plugged in to the same jack. Try unlpugging all other computers, answering machines, fax machines and telephones in the house and see if that helps. It also may be the fact that your original phone jack is too far away from the sport in the house that it is being used.

- I've tried everything If you have tried all of the above and are still being disconnected, please call our office. Technical support can actually watch you dial in to our network and see what is happening.

My Browser reports a GPF

A GPF is a General Protection Fault. It can occur at any time and for no apparent reason using the Windows operating system. Windows has many features that can make it crash, lock up or generate error messages. If you are getting this type of error, you should try the following:

- Always run scandisk as soon as you reboot the machine to check for disk errors.

- Make sure your video drivers are up to date. Check with your hardware manufacturer to do this.

- If nothing else works, uninstall, then reinstall your browser.

My Password is Being Rejected When I Try to Log On

There are many reasons that your password could be rejected. Here are some of the common ones:

- Check to see if your "Caps Lock" key was on when you entered your password. If so, erase your password and retype it.

- Your password is being typed incorrectly. Erase your password and retype it.

- You are not entering the correct username. Be sure that you are entering your correct username supplied on the Msen connect information (not your real name).

- There are one or more spaces before or after your username or your password. Check to be sure that there are no spaces in or around your username or your password.

- You may have checked "encrypted password" in your dialup networking configuration. Uncheck anything that contains the word encrypted on Win95 or Win98 systems. Check the box that says "plain text" on WinMe, WinNT or Win2K systems.

- Your account has been disabled for administrative or billing purposes. Contact Msen to resolve this problem.

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